Gymtonic Véloscratching (2002)

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« Sample attitude » is chronical to obvious in the 80's. The whole occidental world watch « Starsky and Hutch » and does is « Gymtonic » on Sunday morning. Indeed, Veronique et Davina cover the television and the mess.. the French woman loves the « American beauty » and want to be preformed in the same mould, and that easy, 3'15 '' of « tutuyoutu »(famous song) and you think you got it! In the handsome David Soul's arms, a lively tempo to the cardiac rhythm, a pair of pink gaiters, and let's go to lose your Sunday ten grammes! Oh! What a good time!

So guest is invited to pedal sportively (forwards and backwards) to recall this atmosphere and release the famous sample « tututuyoutu », in loop by a « tape sample ». Gap obliges: the more heart he gives, the more Veronique and Davina will dance, alias Barbie doll 1 and Barbie doll 2. Sampling and veloscratching act being their diverted of its first function towards a video effect «  from now on, I am the one giving the tempo to Veronique and Davina ».